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Early Life


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New Beginnings


I left teaching after a twenty five year stretch. Thereafter, I spent some time losing myself to find myself, if you see what I mean. With some artistic talent I did a bit of sculpture, oil painting and caricature. I even wrote a childrens book. But through the years I have also been a bit of a techno-geek, building and repairing computers, designing websites and mastering PhotoShop.


New video cam technology, You-Tube and cheap video and sound editing software have brought me back, full circle, to my first love - teaching. It seems that all I've done before was the necessary preparation to bring me back here, as a teacher. I feel incredibly lucky and honored that the internet has given me the opportunity to reach more students than I could have ever dreamed of.


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Believe me, nothing is truly difficult. The trick is to break a problem down into its simpler parts. It works for me.


Alan J. Reed




Alan Reed Studio                              caricature and line drawings

Alan Reed Art                                        a collection of my paintings


GCSE Maths Tutor                          an intermediate math guide

A-level Maths Tutor                        an advanced math guide

A-level Physics Tutor                   an advanced physics guide